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Digital Management

Your DIGITAL PRESENCE HAS HELPED YOU GROW. But now, YOU JUST DON'T HAVE THE TIME to manage products, services, customers, employees, Google, SEO, and content!   

Whether it's the occasional QUICK FIX OR A DEDICATED MANAGER I'm here to help you free up time to do what you love most. You're online footprint won't need orthopedic shoes anymore. 

Digital Management

Step 1: Needs Assessment

We'll set up a needs assessment call to get a better understanding of exactly what you're looking for. 

Step 2: Order A-la-carte
Select a service model that works for you; retainer or hourly.
Step 3: Quality Assurance
After the first 10 hours of management, we'll check in for quality assurance.
Step 4: Set It and Forget It
You've added hours back to your day. Do what you love. 

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