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A good store or booking service is a lot more than great product pictures. No matter where you are in the process of BUILDING AND IMPLEMENTING e-commerce I'M HERE TO HELP.

  • Pricing & scheduling options

  • Product descriptions 

  • Automated customer service emails

  • Payment integrations

  • Store analytics

  • Customer behavior

  • Keyword and back-end SEO

  • Financial reports

Featured Project

Airborne Perspectives was looking to expand their drone and creative services to offer prints of their stunning local photography.

They shared their vision and specs for an online store, and after the nuts and bolts were assembled we were able to schedule a walkthrough where they learned how to take the reigns and manage the store along with finances and their customers as their business grows.

ECommerce Store.JPG
E-Commerce Setup

Step 1: Needs Assessment

Appointments, classes, or products? We'll take a look at what you and your customers need to be able to do with your online storefront. 

Step 2: Wireframe and design
The first draft will be a sample of your overall offering, just to make sure we are on the right track.
Step 3: Completion and Testing
Think of this as soft opening. You'll get to get in, explore, book, and buy and make sure its the right experience for you and your customers. 
Step 4: Handing over the Keys
I won't just leave you hanging. We'll schedule education time to make sure you're comfortable and confident running your new online store! 

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